Imperium Tower

An iconic addition to the city’s skyline and business division, Imperium Tower is the first commercial development of its kind, set out by Imperium Hospitality. The Twin Tower complex features 4 basements and 19 floors structurally and is located in the most accessible division of Main Gulberg, Lahore, in close proximity to banks, cafes, restaurants, malls, golf courses, health, and fitness clubs.

The Imperium Tower aims to be the first structure in Lahore to earn the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’s “LEED” Platinum designation, under LEED’s latest v4.1 rating and USGBC’s strongest and boldest rating system to date.

Imperium Tower is a stellar business hub providing multiple office space options reflecting exclusivity and prominence. Completion and handing over is expected by March 2023.

Architectural Design

Imperium Tower is a corporate office development with four (4) levels of basement, a ground floor and eighteen (18) Levels of superstructure. Whilst the building is single structure with central core, it is almost mirrored layout and is defined as having two parts, Tower A and B.

The super structure has approximately 20,000sq. ft clear floor area on each level, equally proportioned in tower A and B.

Each tower has a central core operation, comprising of 3x pass passenger lifts,1x cargo/emergency fireman’s lift, 2x emergency staircases (one in the central core and other one at the end of the Floor plan). 1x electrical room, 1x HVAC room.
Level 17 on both towers will be MEP plant room for individual towers and Level 18 will be common roof garden.
Basement 1 and 2 is dedicated to tower A for their use and incorporates 120 car parking bays plus 20 car parking bays at Ground floor. Basement 3 and 4 is dedicated to tower B for their car parking and these two levels utilizes mechanical Stacked parking.

Construction Update:
Construction work started at Imperium tower on June 2019. The Building has many important milestones to achieve in order to become the ideal corporate tower. Over the span of a few months, the following targets have been achieved:
Pilling & earth retention system completed
Pipe Cap beam completed
Pilling completed
Excavation up to Ft 60 completed
Foundation bed Construction completed
Raft foundation completed


Front View


Rear View


Side View

Project Consultant

Imperium tower will be brought to life by World renowned experts and consultants that take pride in their work.

Premium Features

The Twin Tower superstructure, comprising of ground and 18 floors, spanning over an area of 20,000 sq. Ft., is all set to transform the concept of corporate structures and business spaces. The Imperium Tower illustrates different amenities of international standards, which are one-of-a-kind and here to set a precedence in Lahore.

Floor Plan